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Nommi friend, This EA does not open orders and can not do the test, I ActivTrades brokerage account, because I can not friend ?? Help me please

Two from these thread already claiming good results so I tried this robot in a demo account using MT4, followed all the instructions but no trade were triggered so I can’t verify. Anyway, if other will try and proved it is good then I won’t complain. Anyway, the indicator I am using seems working fine for now.

What indicator are you using?

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I use something that plays with support and resistance and I observe it is good on ranging market but now, I incur some losses so I shifted to one of my subscription which usually gives breakout trades but I am also trading manually using some template I found here, I think. Just a combination of 3 MACDs, RSI and Stoch.

Sometimes I use the News Fade strategy and gives me a good profit every time there is a high impact news. I just watch it how on YouTube. LOL. but it is good.

I am still looking on other strategy as I see, there is no single strategy you can use, I need to be flexible depending on the market Condition.

FXA3 - indicator for ranging market
DUX - Signal provider for breakout
then the indicator I use with MACDs and RSI, Stoch.

Anyway, I am not that expert yet but these provides me good profit on most days.

I also want to try this EA TS mentions but I can’t seem have it work on my MT4.

I put this EA on my OANDA demo account tonight, about two hours ago (Pacific time zone in the USA). It’s already about $155 in the hole, trading 0.1 lot per trade on the M1 time frame on the four recommended pairs given in the readme file. It looks like a grid trader to me, opening trade after trade after trade, against the trend with hope of a retracement. EUR/USD has the majority of the open trades as of this post.

I’m using the default set file. I’m just going to let the EA run until it blows my $5,000 account.

Right now, three EUR/CHF and 12 EUR/USD trades open, with three of the EUR/USD trades opened during the few minutes that it took me to compose this post. Wow! This EA is a very aggressive trader.

Anybody else running this EA and yielding the same results that I am tonight?

Yeah it can yield high profits but at the same time destroy your account. It doesnt hedge. It does grid trading…it keeps buying forever…its very aggressive and can easily lead to margin calls. Not recommended.

I let it run on demo account and it was performing good in the beginning and suddenly it ruined all my money.

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hi nommi could you give us your settings please

are you just trading EURUSD

cheers :51:

I think that all EA scalping would only work in EUR USD, why??
Of course, EUR is most volatile currency than another currency pairs. one more, choosing right broker and right account for scalping is only on mini REAL STP account from Mayzus broker. you can check here

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Which broker are you using?

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Surely your one fomc away from a wipe out. Seen many no sl eas and there’s all doomed.

I hope you do well and prove me wrong

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