Best Forex Trading System of the Month: March 2012

Salutations, Earth beings!

It is I, Robopip, back from my thinking pod and ready to provide your forex trading system fix!

Announce to you, I must, human friend that March’s Best Forex Trading System Contest is now open. Newbies, amateurs, and forex demigods are all welcome to submit your favorite trading system! Heck, it doesn’t even have to be your own.

If you don’t have your own system, you may also submit those of other forum users or your forex idols. Just don’t forget to cite them! Otherwise I will be forced to zap you with your laser vision. Just kidding… I think.

[B]Step 1:[/B] Head on over to the Free Forex Trading Systems forum.

[B]Step 2:[/B] Create a new thread describing your system. Just be sure to check out the official contest rules and regulations to be guided accordingly.

[B]Step 3:[/B] Copy the link of your system and paste it under this thread.

[B]Step 4:[/B] That’s it! I said easy as 1-2-3, not 1-2-3-4, didn’t I?

[B]What’s in it for you?[/B]

The satisfaction of other fellow traders reading your system is usually enough for many traders, but I’m here to make the deal sweeter for all participants. is giving $1 to our “Charity of the Month” for every system entry that you submit. For March, our Charity of the Month is World Vision.

This way you’ll be trading AND helping the less fortunate Earth brothers. Don’t believe me? Check out Forex Ninja’s “You Trade, We Aid” post!

On the third week of March, I shall compile all your submissions and open a poll. The community will then vote for a winner, which will be named as March’s Best Forex Trading System of the Month.

Good luck!


Macfibo System by sufiansaid
Richbugger System by richbugger
Statistical Arb/Pairs Trading Strategy by Kelton
Gypsy Pippin by digitalgypsy
The 3 Duck’s Trading System by Captain Currency (submitted by Ray_1)


That’s great. Add it to the list, I will!

Thanks robopip!

Please enter my richbugger system:

Added. Thanks richbugger.

Please add to contest!!

Another challenger! Will do.

Please add Gyspy Pippin

Awesome. I have added this to the contenders for this month.

Thank you!

The 3 Ducks Trading System

Added to the list, I have. Thanks, Ray_1.

Hi RoboPip, when does the poll come out for March, and where do we see it? Thanks!

The poll will be out a few hours from now.

nice list robopip :slight_smile:
I also want to add some really nice signal that I follow for some time now - Forex Cruise Control

I’m sorry TyeWfx, I cannot accept your submission because the system isn’t located in our forums. If you want to enter, you should start your own thread here in the forum so everyone can benefit.