Best Forex Trading Systems Hall of Fame (Past Winners)

I’m new here and can’t find anything either.

Maybe they restrict access – that’s what the robot’s welcome text said.

Thank you for posting these. I’m going to have to review each one and see which one will work for me.

Actually i am a beginner forex trader and dont have enough information about technical s or fundamentals.
I find a very easy strategy on social trading. I invested 1000 GBP on invests360 and trading on their social trading platform SIRIX. i analyze the best 10 active traders and than watching all their trades for couple of days and than start following them with 10% i follow max 10 traders and after couple of days who doesnt generate any profit for me unfollow and than finding a better trader than him. So far i am doing quite well with social trading.

Which is best and still valid to use among them please help

My information for backtesting is from Apl/04/2015 till now. the outcome is fascinating I will share it here soon.

As a matter of fact financial specialist secret phrase is only just for those individuals need to check the record our duplicate the signs from record. It doesn’t influence and impact our exchanging.

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Does this topic still alive?

interesting post

Pls how can i get a good trading system