Best Forex Trend Indicators

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Anymore, ı share only bitcoin systems friends. Bcos ı am interesting bitcoin markets.

Daily system

This trend indicator is Advanced parabolic mq4.

Advanced parabolic mq4

Hii friends,
Every day ı will share BTCUSD index system signals here.
Maybe sometimes other coins too.
I hope it will be useful for some. I also trust my system that I have now. Good luck everybody.

Current view on the BTCUSD index (on market)`

FTMUSDT long term in buy signal.

I can say that the up trend in BTC continues. Support and resistances.

I guess that the best indicator for determination of trend reversal is triangle figure. Actually, everything is quite individual here, traders will tell you those indicators which helped them the most, hence it’s impossible to determine the main one. In my opinion, all of the indicators are good, because all of them help you to sort out in graphic and determine whether a trend continues its movement or it will be reversed. For example, there is a situation when you see double bottom/double top and you think that it will grow/fall, however you didn’t take into account that on a higher timeframe there is a downgrade trend. So, here you will face loss.

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This question is pretty individual, because there are no best indicators. There are only those indicators which are suitable for your needs and particular condtion on the market. For example, if today we can see that stochastic oscialltor works on the graphic, we can apply it, foolow the trend and make couple of successful deals, then it doesn’t mean that tomorrow will be the same. I believe that traders always should find ways which indicator they can apply and it will depend on certain market conditions. Of course, there are some indicators like fibonacci levels or pivot numbers, nevertheless we should take only those wich are the most suitable for us.

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Unfortunately the bitcoin market is in a medium term sell signal.
Last signal is sell.

The second system is also in the sell signal.

Weekly view in market.

BTC 15 min. trend system view.

13:21 pm …According to the long-term outlook in BTC, a double bottom formation is taking place.

BTC market is in buy signal. According to the system I use, the market will rise again. Latest signal is buy. Good Luck… 13:32 pm…

The Proven Best Forex Trend Indicators are,

  1. Moving average
  2. Relative strength index
  3. Bollinger bands Indicator
  4. Average true range
  5. Pivot point
  6. Scalping Indicator
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This combination of 2 indicators only works on BTC on the 5 minute and 4 hour timeframe. You already make money by following BTC. The indicator usually shows the most ideal buy zones in intermediate trend reversals. It worked perfectly in the past, I hope it will work like this in the future and earn money, dear friends. BTC means the index of the bitcoin market. I wanted to help. Kind regards.
Note: I will work for the most ideal sell signals.