Best Mentorship or Trading Courses

Hi, I have been learning a little bit more about forex for the past two years. For the most part I am knowledgeable on a lot of the basics but I have been learning through youtube which isn’t the best because there is no structure to what I am learning and everyone has a different strategy so it is making the learning process more confusing then it has to be. Next year I want to get serious about my trading journey and I wanted to know if anyone knew what the best trading courses would be? I am not worried about the price but I really need a knowlegeable teacher whos course is very thorough just so I can get a better idea of what I should be doing. I really liked the Inner Circle Trader on youtube but unfortunately he is not accepting any more students. Can someone please help.

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Are you certain that the final piece of the puzzle that you need is a trading course or mentor?

Simplify your problems and your options - you might not need either.

Most traders are trading one of two strategies - either buy because price is rising, or sell because price is rising. Of these two strategies, most traders sell when price is rising. And most traders are losing money.

Before you buy a solution, define your problem.

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You should firstly detail how long you practiced during the last two years, traded on demo account or a real account, etc.

I say start from scratch. Do Pipsology, and either go back to demo or trade 0.01 lots.

Learning from one course, beginning to end, will straighten all your thoughts and put everything in order.

During the course you could practice what you learn.

I agree with tommor - with that much knowledge from ICT you should be well on your way to settling on a trading plan with the right risk management. About a year ago I started following a student of ICT. Search for NNFX (no nonsense forex) run an ICT student who goes by the acronym VP. I have watched almost all of his Youtube videos and listened to his podcasts - about 150 in all, and have used the content to develop a 96 page trading plan. I am in backtesting two plans created from those teachings.

ICT really is the best there is in my experience! I can teach you his concepts. ICT is what makes me profitable. If you are interested, feel free to PM me.

Definitely disagree. ICT has saved many, which is a fact. You have to experience it first of course. Do the study and put in the work.

That ultimately can be decided by yourself. For me, I spent most of the time learning what forex is with courses and then started trading on demo

What is the point which the clip shows?

The clip is 3 hours long and I don’t follow ICT’s teachings so I’m not going to watch it through. But I’d be interested to hear what he’s doing which should be exposed.

He says things that lullaby me to sleep… he says things that sound scientific, but are not.

I watched one of his videos where he said he’s never traded Bitcoin but then he went through the chart and told you how he picked all the proper moves…

If anybody here thinks he’s so brilliant then feel free to sum up for me what he taught you

If he was really that good at trading he would be running a fund and he would be driving Ferraris and he would not be teaching beginners out of babypips

Good golly

People that know how to find gold we’ll go find gold they’re not going to sit around and teach beginners how to find gold it’s just that plain and simple

He sits here and advertises and promotes himself to closeted gambling addicts

If it was as simple as this interest-rate stuff that he talks about in this video man please there would be phds knocking down these markets but in reality phds get beat up in this business

If the secrets that he knows about these interest rates Etc we’re really valid he wouldn’t share that with you you’d be living on Park Avenue and he’d be having a Bentley with two chauffeurs

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Funny thing is the people who studied his stuff…and not just watch the videos. Seriously taking notes and doing A LOT of tests, they are running funds…including me. He taught me how to read pure price action and how the central banks accumulate, manipulate and distribute. Everything I had experienced made sense after studying ICT. And of course in his free Youtube videos you will not find all he knows, hence it is free.

But hey you do you. Experience will eventually be your proof. :+1:
If you already have something that works, then that is sweet. If you do not have a profitable strategy, then that is your choice.

does your fund have a public website?

I have a fund from FTMO. One of the best proprietary firms. Not promoting anything, but just for traders who need a bigger capital this can be very interesting for you.

oh, ftmo…

i have always suspected that ftmo was a bs company…

i have always suspected that they dont really really have any live traders.

you could straighten me out with this…

is there any paper trail that you could share?

I do not like to share too much of my personal papers. However I can understand you want information Do you have a telegram account? Then I can add you to a group. They build a file where they compare the proprietary firms. They also update this often.

UPDATE: Before I said all, but I honestly do not know if they compared all of the firms. They have a lot though.

To be honest I also think they make most of their money from traders who fail their tests. On the other hand they also earn from traders who are profitable as FTMO gets 20% of your profit ( eventually this can become 10%, but profit share is profit share I guess ).

yeah, that is precisely what i think…

which puts them into a ponzi/pyramid class of investment models, which means that they will fail which means that your fund will evaporate.

i briefly looked at their website earlier today and oh my god they are so definite that they have the ability to put you into a was it a 100k or up to 400k account?

if you suspect, as i do, that you are getting paid from the fees that losers have forfeited, then they dont have any live traders…

you are just free advertising.


to me, ponzi scheme is an investment scheme that doesnt do what it agreed to do with the investment capital… if ftmo says that it can put you into a multi hundred K account, but they dont really have that kind of capital but instead they really just live off the fees of failed challenges…

you see, right?

i dont think they have the capital to fund twenty 100k accounts, cuz that is two million dollars.


i am very happy for you that you are enjoying yourself though.


All I know is they fund and when you get funded and make profit, you earn. What their business is build on, what happens with their investments and how they are able to give funds…I do not know lol. Would be nice to see such a company from the inside.

And thank you :v:

yup, as i suspected… they are a scam… that doesnt mean that they dont toss a few dollars to a few people… it legitimizes their operation… and for every dollar they pay to you, they get ten more dollars back in fees from new suckers.

yup, its a ponzi scheme.

cut and dried.

i would personally be interested to know what your trading terminal setup looks like when you are trading with ftmo…

for example… are you trading their account using a metatrader terminal?

which brokerage is it connecting to?

what is the “server” setting in metatrader look like?


btw, this could be considered private… i mean, i dont tell anybody who my broker is, but this is ftmo and i have been questioning their credibility for a long time… if i knew their server setting, that would either open a can of worms or it would shut me up.

i am not sure how this information might be useful, but for example if their live terminal points to some server that is obviously a nonsense company…

this is how i conduct due diligence… i just keep asking questions and digging… and eventually, i am gonna get my prize… you can bet on that…