Best NDD broker comparison!

Now, I’ve been looking out for real decent non dealing desk brokers. I’m more than happy to pay commissions, but what I want are tight spreads (REAL tight spreads as every brokerage websites on pro accounts promise spreads as low at 0.0 + commissions). Thing is, most of them while offering a demo account they only offer the standard version aka “market makers” or “dealing desk” where spreads for scalpers are huge and they would profit from your losses. I’m just trying to make the maths here: if they state their spreads are as low as 0.0, which never is, and I can’t check it before opening an account with them which means I’ll have to deposit my money before knowing if I like them or not, how do I choose a broker? So I made a list of different brokers which claim to be NDD and the account I’m interested in. If anyone of you has THAT account type (cause I’m only interested in those spreads) could you please leave a review of the broker? And maybe a couple of screenshots of major currencies spreads?
Hopefully this post can help other people looking for the same!!

  2. GO MARKETS: PLUS account
  3. FX GIANTS: STP/ECN 0 SPREAD account
  4. FINPRO TRADING: ECN account
  5. FX OPEN: ECN account
  6. CAPITAL INDEX: PRO account
  7. TICKMILL: PRO account
  8. XTB: PRO account

Again, many thanks to anyone willing to help!!

I have Tickmill Uk pro account , and you can read the review here.

Note that if you open a Pro account via a referring broker the commission gets even lower. If you are serious about them let me know, and I’ll see if I can get you an IB number.

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Hello @Samiracaruso,
You could try also with JFD Brokers, as I have mentioned in other topics, Im testing their demo environment. I have contacted them over the chat and the Customer support informed me that the conditions on the demo are the same as the live ones.
They also are stating that they are NDD/STP/DMA type of broker. They are charging only commissions. Their regulator is CySec.
For now I am ok with them, but I think I need more time to test my demo account and once I open a real live account I will give a feedback

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IC Markets is the best one.

Would you elaborate on that one?

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Tight spreads because of true ecn execution, no lags, fast deposit and withdrawal. No requotes, no stoploss hunting and so on…
ASIC regulation… If that means anything to you. :slight_smile:

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Good regulation is always appreciated. Good trading conditions too :smiley:

Hi there. Are you still using ic markets. I’ve been using IG and it has been a Huge mistake.