Best NDD ECN broker for day trading! help

need help finding a good reliable broker. I will be looking more into day trading rather than long term trades.:slight_smile:

There are hundreds that claim to be, I would suggest you check for spread + commissions for your first filter, then check within the specifications of trading for restrictions, market distances and limitaions, that should filter the dealing desks claiming to be dma.

I don’t like to recommend brokers too much, but for spreads and execution speeds research yadix and for commisisons look at vantage, both are good for scalping/day trading. I wouldn’t look at brokers with too low commissions that don’t make sense, usually thet have some hidden dealing desk.

I forgot to say that my EA is a day trade ea, not scalping…

Any other ECN to look at ?

Sure there are plenty. Check out this list here Going offshore to escape the CFTC. It lists out all the decent brokers worth trying. However if you ask me Turnkey Forex would be the best pick out of these.

Thanks for the list. I see the presence of Coinexx in this thread. Did anyone tried them? It’s really good and true ECN broker (in my short day-trade experience).

Looks good but I guess they have to deserve reputation and pass the time test. Currently stick with Hotforex still no even close candidate which is worth to try.

Hi there, I live in Boston , MA, USA. just wanted to know if you are still using turnkey forex broker to trade forex ? how would you grade them on a Reliability Scale of 1 to 10 ( reliable in terms of withdrawls of funds ). Thank you very much for your time and efforts to answer my query. Ray

Hi Ray! I’ll rate them 10 for reliability and withdrawals. The only complain I have is that they need to work on their website. Otherwise never really had real issues. Hope it help. Cheers

Thank you very much Sarah, it’s of great help, thumbs up for ya. Ray it is a true ECN broker suitable for daytrader, scalping trader, swingtrader, …
And has FCA license, but spread is only normal and not as low as icmarkets

ICMarkets :blush:

Hello, brother
What are your experience so far with the IC market?

There is the one I have been using for a long time now and from my experience it is one of the best brokers for long term trades. Their server is stable and very rare slippage occurrence.Check out Forexchief broker, you’ll enjoy their platform.

I am new here, and need a Forex community in Nigeria to ride along with.

ICM and Fxview can be a good option. Spreads are low. These two are prefect for day traders.