Best place to invest money

hello to my friends again
i am really happy to be here and believe me i am getting better by babypips school
last time i asked about cryptos and i saw that most people do not trust them just like me
i also heard about nft from pauley, what do you think about it?
and my main question here is how can i invest my money
i know that inflation is a killer right now and i have to invest my income to have good life in next years for me and my family
but can you tell me ways that i can invest too? i can not invest in real state because i am not from unitedstates
what do you think about buy and hold stocks? can they be helpful? or any other ideas here
thank you again for everything, i love you people and i want to be here always and learn a lot

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most welcome in this community ,you have chosen the right place , hope you will learn from there a lot.

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I think it depends on how much time you have to control your investments. You also need to understand the difference between investing and trading. Investing is buying something and holding it long term in the hope in will increase in value. Trading is buying and selling in quick succession which is time consuming and not easy to learn.

Either way you’re opening yourself up to losing money as well as gaining money. If you’re just looking for long term and safe investing I would suggest speaking to your bank.

If you want to invest in something ‘real’ I would suggest maybe looking into buying gold and keeping it in a safe at home or in the bank.


Hi, Opportunities are everywhere, invest and trade what you understand how something work and what is in your range. Regards Greg

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Hello Vasil!
I’m happy to see you around! I am also happy to see that you are not going to trade crypto!
I suggest you think of stocks, but you need to have good basic knowledge.
You can buy some of them and easily keep them for a long time without actually worrying about the small changes in the price.
At the end, it is 100% up to you, but consider some good stocks with fundamental analysis.
Maybe JNJ :thinking: :roll_eyes:
Best Luck/


i do it right now and i prefer physical gold to trade it in forex

that is true profesor but can you give me some suggestion?

of course that is a goood chance i will search about it
jnj is name of a pair?

gold is pretty good in time of crisis


If it’s for long term investment, check out Ray Dalio’s Allweather strategy

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That True @Pauley1

I personally prefer to trade gold and believe it to be a good choice.

I think it’s worth exploring other investment instruments such as bonds, mutual funds, index funds, or exchange-traded funds (ETFs).


Besides other sources of investment, Forex can be a good investment for you too if you trade here by maintaining trading rules and regulations.

In terms of long term buy and hold investments, my personal opinion is that there is hardly a better choice than all market ETFs. They are already diversified, they are cheap, you dont have to look after them, just buy and forget. You dont have to have lots of different positions to manage in your account. just one or two.

I would consider picking one or two specific stocks with a low % in the overall portfolio, because i really like the companies. Mercedes for example. But it would be more because i want to be a part of it, than that i want a big ROI.

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I really don’t think you can go past investing in chocolate and ice cream…who on this planet does not like that? Just remember hot days and ice cream can make for some very sticky fingers…so that means investing hand wipes also. :chocolate_bar: :icecream:

Buying gold when it’s on its way down from an all time high isn’t good advice. Look at the historical chart and compare where gold is with where it was after the 2008 crisis. Once markets settle and the big boys are back in risk on mode, you’re going to lose 33% of the value on gold.

A very small short trade on XAUUSD would give a very big return over the next couple of years and have positive swap to add as a bonus. But there’s still risk from high inflation, so a big position wouldn’t be advised to hold, especially when the last 2 weeks have had big drops and a retracement is on the cards

gold chart

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i hold gold profesor
i dont trade it i hold it for next years so i dont worry about the price
thank you

I heard that it need high balance for scalp so i wont risk to trade it i just have physical gold

you mean we can hold pairs? invest in pairs is not logic in my mind

Yes vasil.
Johnson & Johnson (J&J) is a leading American healthcare company and right now in the stocksmarket everyone is eager to buy health stocks, JNJ is a good one I guess.

Forex can be a good investment as long as a trader has sufficient trading knowledge. Besides forex, crypto can be traded with long-term vision.

The Tech sector is doing really well now due to the AI & Chat GPT explosion. I have added a Tech ETF (HTA.TO) to my investment portfolio. It pays great dividends as well.

Just don’t put all your eggs in one basket, diversify in case one sector has a bad year (like tech is now recovering from).

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I can’t post charts ATM but I was going to post one of that triple top on the weekly chart. Pretty good indication that it won’t bee seeing any highs for a while.

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