Best platforms for DEMO acts

Reason im asking is because for some strange reason i have mt4 demo acct through IG AND Oanda for some strange reason pending orders will not work at all. Market/instant order OFCOURSE. When i use demo directly through MT5 platform standalone Im setting pending orders all day.

Now when placing through IG im getting “Open price you set must differ from market price by at least 100pts.”

Through Oanda exact same BUT 25pts.

No matter WHERE i have set TP, SL same exact verbiage over and over.

Use Trading view

The best platform imo

Thanks for response. I’m a big Fan of MT4/5. I may check out trading view. Current situation for me is I started learning with mt4/5. It’s just baffled the fuk out of me that pending orders must differ 10pips of market price with IG but tight spreads/ 2 pips with oanda not so tight spreads. The strategy that I use circles around OCO orders and MA, ADX used heavily in mt4/5.

I started with MT4 but now a huge fan of trading view personally

Trial it and see how your orders fill. Hopefully resolves it

Although, it seems they’re issues with the demo server.
v weird regardless

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Since you’re still using demo, I assume you’re still a beginner? If that’s the case, then I’d suggest Moneta Markets’ webtrader platform. It’s easy and simple to use, very straightforward. I was using FXCM’s platform before but I now realize how overloaded the platform is with useless (at least for me) info. As you gain more experience trading, you can then advance to MT4.

Matey I’m 5 years deep in this game now.

I dabbled in live trading since the start of the year but still demo trading mainly to prefect my model to ensure I follow my trading plan

Did you check with their customer care? It is always better to check with customer care and see why is this happening. Also, since you are new to trading, try out Coinexx too. I trade with IG, Oanda and Coinexx, but i did all my demo trading with Coinexx only.

I suggest trading with the MT4 platform because it is mostly used for forex trading, and it is easier to trade with the MT4 since it’s not complicated as the MT5.