Best time for a beginner to start his day, calgary

So my question for all the calgary traders out there is what time do you think is the best time for me to start my day?

It depends on you, because of your time zone. So i would say Europe, or New York open are the better time to start the day.

I agree with Tonyro, above.

You’re 7 hours behind UK time (at the moment, anyway).

The London open is 1.00am where you are (the Europe/Frankfurt open is an hour before that), and the New York open will be 6.00am, I think.

For forex trading, in general the European/London/US “sessions” are much more active and generally easier and better than the “Asian session”.

This site may help you: Forex Market Hours.

Hi Skeletonkey8,

Nice to see another Calgarian here. :slight_smile:

When I was trading manually, I was trading the London open and sometimes woke up early to prepare for the New York open (depending how London behaved).

For the London open, I started my analysis at midnight, as London opens at 1:00am local time. For New York open, I would set an alarm for 5:00am, since the market opens at 6:00am for us.

Your day starts depending on what your trading style is, which market(s), and asset.

Hope to see you around!

Thank you so much everyone and a special thank you to ClarkFX

Hey…I’m in Calgary, too! I set my trades at 3pm these days (when the new daily candle opens) and I don’t check my charts until 3pm the following day. I trade on the daily charts - that works the best for me. I used to trade the 4H but hated staying up late and also missing the two early morning candles.