Best time to scalp

I’m just looking into the most fluid times of day to trade the market from the UK. I reccon the
Best time for me is between 2am and noon london time when the markets overlap?

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that’s a tough time to scalp with news all over the place.

Have a look at

They provide a variety of information reference volatility and timescales

Ok I didn’t know I shouldn’t post a link big DOH!!! for that, however the link was for a site that I read about in an article by Queen Cleopiptra on this site, secondly in my first ever BabyPips post I was trying to help with the little knowledge I have so far gleaned, I don’t have a subscription to powerstats nor do I have any interest in promoting the site per se, I was merely trying to identify a solution to a problem posed.

I will be much more likely to lurk than to contribute from now on… a very sad day as I liked the informal attitude of the site, and assumed all contributions would be welcomed.

I understand you may be prone to spammers, but a quick look at my profile, postings or lack of them would tell you everything you needed to know that I am far from that madding crowd.

Confused from Preston

I as one , appreciate your time and help to reply
kind regards
Forex wales

The admins are very strict about links because of the limitless amount of marketers promising the next “money tree.” Keep that in perspective.

Once you hit a post count of 50 you’ll be able to post links.