Best way to deal with frustration & stress before,during, after trading?

With a good system & good money management. Psychology is what make or break us, depending on the outcome of trades. Sometimes when times are bad ? I just felt like vomiting . How can one remain calm in times when everything is looking rather bad. Losing streak etc, or a big win follow up with a small loses. Need help.

Hi Joe,

Yes Sometimes i can get a bad trades, but since i know all my trades is according to the rules and management that i already established during this several years. i have to accept it and don’t blame yourself or the market. it is just not your time.
if you already have confidence in your strategy, you know that soon will come good trade that can make more money than the loosing trade.
at least for me if i have bad trades, and i check my account history for the past few years. i know that up until now i’m still making profit, so a little bit of drawback did not make any difference. because i’m confidence soon or later if i keep my strategy i will keep my account grow time after time. this mind set help me to release my frustation when i’m in bad trades.
maybe it is working for you.

Good Luck