Best way to Fund a online account

Hi Folks,
I am new to forex. tried demo accounts and made some good pips . want to open a real account and need some suggestion regarding how to fund the a/c… bank account,wire, credit card, pay pal…what is easier, safer and faster. Appreciate you time.

For more Pips.

i just jumped in the real money world yesterday,:smiley: and funded it by credit card ,but they’re not accepted in a lot of places ,i used interbank fx,
good luck!

I funded my account with a credit card at easy-forex.

I funded my sisters account by wire transfer. The bank opened at 9:00am and the balance at FxSol had indicated the deposit by 3:00pm. The transaction cost $20.

The reason I used the wire transfer is because I looked into paypal and found out that it takes three to five days to complete the entire transaction. The cost would have been less. I didn’t really like the delay.


Thanks a lot