Best way to learn from Babypips School

Hi guys,

I am a TOTAL newbie. Inspired to trade by peers and investors I look up to. I was told to use this site to learn currency trading. However, my main question is how did you guys approach the lessons on the site? My friend told me he just read and did “chart time”. I’m thinking if I should just take his approach or read and make notes along the way (University habit) to help with information retention.

So how did you guys approach the Babypips education course? Any advice is appreciated!

The method that worked for me was to get an account at for free charts. I would read a lesson, say, support and resistance, then spend 3-4 hours on a chart scrolling through and drawing in support and resistance lines.

When you practice chart skills, it’s important that you focus your efforts on a particular topic. After that, it’s repetition just like learning any other skill. Think back to how many times you tried to ride a bike or drive a car when first learning and how many mistakes you made along the way. Your experience with currency trading will be very similar.

So would you say that I should go through pre-school etc. all the way until I can understand “chart-time” and focus on the topics as you said when I am studying the charts?

Or, should I just go straight to a topic and practice like that?

If you have prior learning and experience, you can jump ahead. Otherwise, I recommend starting at the beginning and work your way forward. Some stuff might just be a review for you, but then you can ensure that you don’t have any knowledge gaps that can come back to bite you.


Fair play, I just graduated with an Accounting and Finance degree so some of the stuff I do know as I typically majored in Finance and picked mostly investment modules. I was wondering if people actually read all 300+ lessons or pick and choose what they want to learn based on their experience. Thank you!

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That sounds a pretty suitable background for learning trading. Was that in Victoria, Australia, by any chance?

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Totally agree and thank you for nice post. jase leon, you can follow this message , hope it will be more appropriate than others.


I shall certainly go through all 300 lessons - I’m about 28 ish at the moment I think. But I do have a bookshelf 4 foot long and two shelvesitall well bent under the weight of my trading books. Alxander Elder (Come into my tading room) said that “Learning to trade WILL cost yu as much as a good college degree !” If I go through all 300 lessons and learn ONE thing that improves my edge, it will be a huge positive as far as I am concerned. Also a different perspective is always welcome - and they don’t even take a day each ! :grin:

Yea, his advice is very useful. I’m very happy with how active and helpful the forum is on my first ever post! Will definitely not hesitate to use the forum in the future.

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Yes it is. In order to me, there is no forum in Online which is more supportive and active as like Baby pips. Always be here and learn more about. Thank you

Thank you.

Unfortunately (or fortunately), I studied in the UK.

Of course! Babypips is the best way to learn Forex! I have started my learning period through BabyPips School! It’s a free service but much meaningful. Happy learning.

Great to hear such positive comments from you guys! It’s what we need to hear to keep us “battle veterans” active here! :wink:

BabyPips School is the best Forex Course! Try to absorb the meaning of every article very deeply! Learning is always a long time process! So, don’t be a rush when you learn from BabyPips School.

Pips forum + micro account was my educational and practicing materials when I was a newcomer in Forex trading. took many lesions from school level and applied that in trading . it’s a great combination for the beginners than any others.

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