Best Website/Broker to Trade Demo

Over the last couple of months I have been intrigued and obsessed with the business world. I spend countless nights scouring the internet and pages of books for little bits of information about its ins and outs. Just recently however the forex world opened my eyes to a profession I would like to explore.

Luckily my friends share the same interests as mine but seem to be caught up in the equities markets. Forex is much more interesting however.

After reading the School of Pipsology and other posts throughout these forums, i’ve decided to open a Demo account on a brokers website…

If someone has recommendations for a site it would be much appreciated…Also I plan on developing my own trading system based off of a swing trading feel and help from other systems I found throughout the site. Does anyone have any recommendations in that sense also?

All help and feedback would be greatly appreciated…

Thanks a bunch,

“Scottie” Von Pippen haha

GCI Financial has a great MetaTrader4 program that doesn’t expire, and lets you trade forex, indexes, futures, commodities, and equities all off the same platform.

Thanks a bunch…ill check it out now…Ill post later how my first couple trades go.

I think im going to experiment with the Cowabunga trading system to get some trades under my skin then move on from there.

Make sure to use “OsMA” insteade of MACD

Ok…what are the pros of using that instead?

Good post, never knew one mt4 platform could do so much!

You will find with indicators that many of them are useless. From what I’ve been told, by a professional, pros use the MACD do distinguish which style of trading to use; breakout or trend trading. You have many years of learning ahead of you should you try to be successful at trading the forex and during those years you will find which indicators are good and serve a good purpose and which ones are pointless. A good hint in the right direction is PA, price action. This is the best indicator you can use.

If you want to use cowabunga system in mt4, you must use OsMA…that is the true MACD. It’s a bit confusing why this is, but if you load up both, you may be able to see what I mean.

ok thanks alot, ill start experimenting with both