Big boy Brad in the House!

Hi ya’ll. It’s Brad from the US. Just dropped out of uni (or “taking a break” as my mom wants to call it).

Imo, there’s no sense in spending more years inside a classroom, just to spend the rest of your inside a cubicle. (Paying a HUGE debt, if I might add.)

Now my goal is to achieve financial freedom, and prove to my family that you don’t need a degree to be successful.

Wish me luck! Peace.

good point mate. but as a parent, i also understand why your mom wants you to get a degree. welcome to bp. be seeing you.

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Good luck mate

Hi Bigboybrad, I can relate to your drive to live your life on your terms. I strive to do the same.

You have a good point. I understand why your parents want you to get a degree first. You can do trading side by side.

Quite relatable! My parents were not approving of this. But later, they showed confidence in me and I have been doing quite well.