Big Dog NY strategy?

Has anyone used this strategy? I can’t really see it working myself. Just from looking back through the charts it would “appear” to be very successful but the stop loss looks impossible to put in the correct place and it seems more often than not the NY session just continues the trend so you’re getting in in the middle - not a great place to enter a trade.

FTWDK - it relies on a 2 hour box just before the NY session so looking at the highs and lows of 2 candles 1000-1200GMT or 1100-1300GMT.
Actually I have seen other times as well, which makes me think this strategy has been bastardized along the way :slight_smile:
You enter oders just above the high and just below the low and ride it for about 50-100 pips.

Coming at during and after London has already started I think this a little risky…