Binary options are bad

I lost vast of money from this scam platform. My ass is still red. A party bar is better than Binary option, minimum beer you can get free from here.

Haaa haaa. I can’t stop laughing by your experience about Binary option trading. :joy:

Bad experiences with Binaries is due to improper training and/or tools being used.
I spent plenty of money learning the wrong things until I found the right way to trade and the right tools!
We use a series of highly complex algorithms, updated in real time, that helps decipher the trends
and high probability points where the next price movement will begin. This is a type of advanced artificial intelligence called Neural Networks. Artificial neural networks behave like humans–making assumptions and strongly testing them to reach the most logical results. Artificial neural networks performs back-testing against its own algorithms. Our system also has other advanced components that include Adaptive Harmonics, Statistical Spectral Analysis, and Digital Filtration.
In order to compete with these institutional bank and hedge fund traders, you need to have your own power tools!

I did huge loss in Forex trading at the beginner’s level and decided to move Binary Option trading but lost motive. Because, I have never found at any positive reviews at any forum Communities about this. By the way, luckily I got the man who has good experience about Binary. Congrats Frank. Can you explain more about positive review ? how could you bring this ?

I don’t feel secure and comfort at any binary option, that’s why I gave up on binary. It’s all about scam, nothing without it. And in FPA there are no good reviews about this trading platform. So, it is more appropriate to avoid this scam site for avoiding unfortunate losses.

This happened to me especially when staking on a large sum.

Here is another example about one of the many ways binary options scammers reel in unsuspecting and naïve victims looking for profits - Italy’s financial markets regulator CONSOB has issued a warning against The Bitcoin Code binary options trading robot.
You may wonder what does Bitcoin have got to do with a binary options robot? The answer is that it’s a buzzword that people, even people who don’t trade, have recently come to associate with money and profits because of the way the cryptocurrency rallied. Scammers just used that word to mislead their potential victims. It’s completely unethical and yet it probably worked, unfortunately.

The FCA recently published a report regarding binary options scams in the UK and according to that report Brits lose an average of GBP 87,000 a day to binary options scams.

In the publication the FCA urges the public to be vigilant to the threat of online investment fraud. The watchdog warns that fraudsters offering investments in binary options, contracts for difference (CFDs), forex and cryptocurrencies (such as Bitcoin) often promote themselves online and via social media channels, such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. They promise high returns and use images of luxurious items like expensive watches and cars and yachts to lure the people to put money in the scam.

After that, they usually distort prices on their website or refuse to return the clients’ funds using all sorts of excuses and citing impossible withdrawal conditions or simply shut down the client’s account and disappear with the money.

Because they estimate review of binary option brokers))

Actually there is no regulated or credible binary option trading broker in this retail market place , that’s why we the traders don’t feel secure and comfortable in here . And no one can consistently successful from this trading environment at all. it’s all about temporary

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I’ve never heard of this Bitcoin Code trading robot, I mean how can Bitcoins be connected with binary options but oh well…these scammers have yet thought of another method as a bait. Nice move! And although Regulators are trying to warn people and limit the damage, obviously it’s not helping judging by this FCA report. Can’t they just ban them forever?!

Some people like binary options, while others do not. However, I cannot say they’re bad. The thing is, if you have proper skills and experience, you can make good money on binary options. The main thing is an honest broker.

Maybe these people don’t know a lot about binary options. Plus, many people think forex and everything that has to do with it is bad. But it’s just not true.

Binary options may not be bad for a person who goes into them with their eyes wide open that they’ll be gambling. To a person who doesn’t realize it’s mostly gambling they could be very bad.

More importantly, many of brokers offering these services are just not trustworthy. Only last year the Israel’s highest ranking police officer (and here it has to be mentioned that Israel used to be a country with a huge binary options broker industry) testified before their parliament that these brokers are connected to organized crime and and said organized crime is profiteering from scamming people.

How can a person trust a business like that?

Same question I have. Till there is no one who found a regulated and trusted binary option trading platform .so I don’t know why people looking for always a good binary trading platform, there is nothing at all, it’s all about scam.

To make money with this stuff you have to have a very good edge as the payouts are less than 100%, And if you do then you understand the markets well enough to just trade spot, with less risk and higher profit potential.

Its an oversimplified product that makes losing money almost inevitable in the long run.


Look in case of binary options you can’t minimize your risks of losing money. You have two options like a binary coin either fully win or completely lose the money. But in case forex, with the use of various risk management tools you can minimize your risks of losing money and even keep your profit running with the changes in price movements. Thereby I also think that binary options are bad.

It turns out you have to watch out not only for binary options broker scams, but for scammers who offer to get your money back.

Germany’s financial watchdog BaFin alerted of follow-up scams targeting investors who already lost to binary options, promising to recover the money that they lost against an upfront payment. However, any advance payments made to such recovery fraudsters only add to existing losses and might have devastating financial consequences.

Furthermore, the regulator’s alert notes that recovery room scammers buy and sell lists of previous victims of unlawfully operating binary options trading platforms, so that they can cold-call them and possibly swindle them out of what is left of their hard-earned money.

It’s a giant mess.

The process of recovering the funds begins with one knowing the options after the damage has been done to whatever is invested with the wrong broker. Getting assistance from the right source also determines whether or not you would recover whatever little of what you have lost in the process. With most of these tradings carried out on unpopular and unauthorized platforms, it could be a difficult task to keep track of what happens next to the funds and the brokers in question; although, this does not mean it’s impossible. As important as it is to find the right broker that integrates your financial goals before investing, one could as well find the right IT individual who is capable of working past the challenges posed by the abundance of technologies that finances company works with these days if there is a damage done to your investment.You should reach out if you need help.

I will trust binary option the day they are accepted/regulated by the FCA. Meanwhile I can find many other chances to lose my money by gambling, for example.