Binary options scam

Two months ago a binary options broker cheated me out of €5000. When I asked to withdraw the funds, I never heard from the broker who was so much friendly before. I would like to get my money back from this fraudster. Looking for a service to do that!

Sorry about that. But I don’t think so there is any real chance to get back your money. it’s a common problem and attitude about Binary.

Mate… BINARY is the keyword to focus on here
What did you expect
this is what they do.

now. as for getting your money back

  1. do you have the name of the compnay
  2. have you contacted the regulatory board to see IF THEY CAN HELP (don’t hold your breath though)
  3. Have you contacted a lawyer to see what can be done in your part of the world regarding this

i would suggest you do those things
and good luck to you mate
in the future, stay away from Binary and crypto’s simple

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Binary Options companies are looking for customers who don’t know anything about the markets, who want to get rich quick and they want to do business where there is very little regulation to control them.

Are these the sorts of people you should give money to?

I also want to tell everybody that I got scammed. It was my fault to blindly trust a new Forex broker who stole my dollars by blocking my account suddenly when I wanted to withdraw $5000 won in their platform!

so i have 2 questions then…

  1. Why are you not telling us the name of the broker that scammed you, why protect them ?

  2. now… if there is some reason to hide it… Why are you telling us if you can’t reveal the name.
    what good will it do to the newbies to know that you got scammed if they don’t know what broker to stay away from ?

Why Not …???

because he’s going to tell us that he found another broker which is great and like this and like that and we should also try it.hahaha

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yeah… but lets give @julianstriegel a chance to respond


Respect mate… simple as that
You put up a post
we responded

it would now be respectful of you to respond to us and our questions and concerns


If you’re thinking of using a recovery room to get your money back be warned that those recovery rooms are more often than not scams themselves too.

Frankly, the best thing you can do is to avoid binary options in the future.

If you’re targeted by cryptocurrency scammers or you’ve fallen victim to a scam,

Report it to the, the National Crime Agency.

Doing so will help you with a close follow up on how to get your funds back and help other innocent crypto users stay safe and avoid fraud.

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