Bitcoin analysis

Like the look of this for sure. It has completed a sell model now. It is looking like a nice push up

Seems to have stalled a bit now. I’m starting to think it’s about to crash again.

Good morning all, is it time for Bitcoin to pop? Price has been VERY stale in movement since i took the buy position. but i believe in the setup. We got our TP in the sell and now the market is getting squeezed into a corner. Currently sitting around entry area. The direction of the next mover is soon upon us. Will we see a break upwards? Or will we see a break below. What’s your suggestion, let me know below? GLIYF

Brave to hold on here :woozy_face:

Bitcoin is a Bloodbath. That’s all i’m reading everywhere. Yes we have hit SL on our buy position, but that is totally fine as we have had huge returns of late. We can’t win all of our trades it is not sustainable, losing is part of trading. So we move onto the next re analyze and pick our next position in the market.

The demand at 40K has been broken, so it looks like we will most likely be re visiting the demand zone at 33K . Which was the original source for the push to make the all time high. Will we see the same again? Time will tell, mark your charts and get ready for support to form at that zone for the buy. Cheap Bitcoin is always a good idea to buy. GLIYF

We have green candles today. Many suspect a dead cat bounce. $30k here we come, will take a good few bounces for that to give way

Recovering well now, not sure it will maintain this push up though

Bottomed out?

Let’s see what happens this week. Could have just been a weekend pump…

BTC made a good bullish move in the daily chart. However, I do not think that it has started its bull run, which has been anticipated by its buyers. It may come down again and get bullish upon having more bounces at the last swing low.

This is an exciting topic for discussion. It would help if you studied the changes in the cryptocurrency market and possible ones.

Good morning all, apologies for not updating with the picture analysis. As I have mainly been covering Bitcoin on my YouTube channel I haven’t done a chart update for a few weeks. As I mentioned on my video update’s I bought Bitcoin after the Sell to buy price action at the trend line . As we can see we have had some nice bullish impulse price action. We have created a higher high, and now expect to create a higher low top hopefully start our bull trend off. Currently 6K pips in profit so if you followed keep holding for now until the trend is confirmed for the next leg up. GLIYF

The price has been bullish for some days and on its way it made some significant breakout in the daily chart. However, I assume 50K is going to be a strong resistance, which may drive the price towards the South for a bearish correction.

It does look like a strong move this time, fingers crossed it continues

We definitely saw some strong price action lately. I’m not convinced that the bears are done yet though. I’m expecting another wave down (maybe that’s just me hoping to pick up a bargain)

BTC is 44k now after falling to 41,8k. Can it recover to 48k?

Good morning all, today brings another small update on Bitcoin . Price is sitting at virtually the same point as the last update. But we have had some movement, and with that we have seen some bullish trend structure form. With the established higher high formed and the higher Low created right on the little demand zone . Price is looking good for continuation of bullish movement. We just need to see this leg now produce the next higher high. As always if you followed move SL to entry price, or into some profits and keep holding for now. Will update again in a few days. GLIYF

Forming a nice structure as you say for a further push up

Bitcoin may take some time go towards the North. It had two consecutive bearish day in the daily chart and made a significant bearish breakout at a level of support. If it works as a flipped level of resistance, Bitcoin may remain bearish for some days. Let us wait and watch what happens.

The bears are trying to tear it back down.