Bitcoin BTC Analysis thread

Doubt that will happen though

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Check my first post for this year mate.

I thought to chart up something these days but probably i`ll wait for the weekly candle close and make it tomorrow.

We’ve had a nice little pullback over the past day or so, could be a perfect opportunity to get in. Those bulls are no where near done yet!

I think risky buying so high


Meanwhile, I’ll already be delighted if it went back to its ATH. :joy:

Really struggling to break $10k again :disappointed_relieved:

Hi all. This week im switching to 1D chart cuz there are more interesting things on it but before that lets check the last analysis main points.

  1. Pivot point for this week was 10003.96. We will close this week almost 100% probably under it, which means the next one could be negative.
  2. Parabolic SAR is not changed and its still bullish. Now lets move to the actual analysis with the first chart.
    Two support levels:
  3. $9500 - previous resistance and support level
  4. $9100-9000 - previous resistance and support level and almost 61.8 fibo level
    Resistance level: $10500 - previous resistance and 100% fibo level
    There`s two very bullish indicators into this chart too:
  5. Golden cross happened between 50 and 200 MA`s. Very bullish signal in long term.
  6. Supper guppy indicator. Very good indicator which seems to be turned bullish almost a month ago but im checking it now. Check it in tradingview chart if youre interested.
    2nd chart:
    Thanks to Glassnode we can check Bitcoins Reverse Risk (BRR) chart combined with its price. In short we can conclude that in every time when BRR bottomed out from the green zone were facing in front of the bull run start to the next ATH or at least local high (like the 14K top from the last summer).

That`s for now from me guys. Wishing you a wonderful and prosper week. And remember that all about BTC is a long term game and almost every single indicator now is pointing north, no matter of $500, $1000 or even more dips for a day or week.

Sound analysis again, I think BTC is getting ready for another bullrun.

Completely agree and great analysis. All the signs are pointing north in the long term and that is all that matters really as an investor.

I think the bears are in control now :disappointed_relieved:

Hopefully just a pullback before ascension resumes.

In short term yes, but i`m looking long term. :sunglasses:

Starting to move up in the last day. Sustained buying or what? Missed the boat!

Not too late to hop in! At least up until 10300!

I was waiting for a lower price before I bought

You have this opportunity now.

I wouldn’t risk a buy yet myself…

You have a bottom in mind?

Week and half ago it was buy the dip. We’ve since dipped some more. Ouch!

Btc at 7900 right now.

I think $5500 is possible.