Bitcoin Buy Weekly Strategy

I don’t see any reason to panic just yet. We are well above $35k.
If we get below psychological level of $30k that would be a problem.

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Is this the start of “recovery” from the “crash”?


4-day losing streak looks like it will end

this is why I preach buy a little ever week, it you waited until 40K to buy your first Bitcoin then it is on you

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I regret not doing it as I followed your thread. :expressionless:

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Saw this after a quick search.

Dollar Cost Averaging Bitcoin - dcaBTC.

Agreed, time to take out longs!

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It is critical for BTC to maintain upward momentum during today’s Asian session,
otherwise double top may be forming.

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we briefly traded above 40K today, Double top could come into play

Even as we are down 900 as I post this we could still see another green weekly candle
Screenshot 2021-01-15 at 6.35.01 AM

I did too, back then. Now if there’s a big drop it’s going to be even more painful than the 2017 one.

USD is stronger today. This may be a contributing factor. Hopefully BTC will still manage to close above 200MA on 1H chart.

I’m curious to see when BTC will rally above 40k. And if that will even happen.

It does look like we will end our 4-week win streak and what a steak it was taking us from 19K to 42K. This week we will have an inside candle, this indicates consolidation, I would not be surprised if we see a few weeks of consolidation as the market digest this historic move

look at Ethereum coming on strong to end the week with a green candle, there are a number of crypto followers ( I hate calling anyone an expert) that think on a percentage basis ETH could out preform BTC in 2021

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As Bitcoin sits range-bound Ethereum is breaking out again, now just pennies below its all-time high

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Have you started buying fresh again? I really liked the spreadsheet you had then that summed up how much youve bought and how much it was worth at the time. I think I’ve taken a screenshot and sent to friends to annoy them :rofl:

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I wish I could say I have been totally faithful to this system going back to when I first started this thread, but I am happy where I am at, I just don’t see anything stopping the upward trend in both Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Remember how scarred everyone was to buy Bitcoin when it hit new all-time highs at 20K , I feel like we are there again, Bitcoin is at 37K as I type this, a year from now we are going to look back and say “why did I not buy at 37K”

Well, waiting a couple of days has given you the opportunity to buy at 30K.


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30K level and 200 ma on the 4hr chart all doing their job today, it is still unknown if Bitcoin will continue to retrace as it did in 2017

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