Bitcoin Buy Weekly Strategy

I will try to explain, I means you can buy and sell cryptocurrency without time limit.

Ah, now I understand your meaning. You can also do that with currencies and about a decade ago, my wife was doing exactly that. We own a small trading company in the Middle East and we found that we could often arbitrage prices (and were advised to do so in some cases by the Principal global manufacturer). I am not going to name names here because that would spoil the fun, but if you combine exotic metal prices in currencies of USD, CAD, GBP, AUS and Dirhams with grey marketing tactics of global multinationals, you sometimes find very large price discrepancies between manufacturing countries and export pricing. If your clients (in the oil and gas sector) insist on paying for supplies in USD no matter which destination country they operate in, you can choose to buy forward a currency with a bank account denominated in USD. We were just doing at a small scale (circa $10K forward buys) what many large companies do at a $1bn scale. The most memorable case for me was before the Euro. We forward bought French Francs for a customer bid worth about $50K, and timed our exchange date perfectly to align with 2 days after we obtained the order. We saved 14% on currency exchange rate and turned what would have been a 12% markup into a 38% markup. We had a party that month.


Thank you so much. I appreciate you and your work, If I need something, I will contact you.

45K looks to be an important level of resistance, clear this and I think we can call the bitcoin bear market dead

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Bullish consolidation following a big move, I like our chances of seeing 50K in early April

It has not been a good year for Bitcoin, now under 30K, The question now is how low will it go, and will we have the nerve to buy more

I may have the nerve but I don’t have the cash lol

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I am sure much of this selling is just to have the cash to put gas in our cars

Lets Go Branden

Ugh for real.

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Dollar cost averaging is a beautiful thing :ok_hand:t2: Nice one.

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Yes it is and what the Buy Weekly Strategy is all about, this might be an excellent time to start buying a little every week

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Interesting consolidation we have going here, price has traded on both sides of the $29,500 for 14 straight days, will my pointing it out end the streak,

Breakout move yesterday and today we are holding on to those gains, if this is the bottom, we have a long way to go to new highs and headwinds all the way

last year biden was boasting about how taxes collected from Bitcoin profits would pay for all his political payoffs, this year most people selling are going to be selling at a loss that they will deduct from their taxes, which means Bitcoin will be a net loss for biden

We always knew bitcoins are volatile and HODLing is simply the best option right now.

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There’s more down to come. I would say 10k is in sight and maybe even 5k.

If it drops that low, I might consider buying some, but a lot of people will hold for now and sell when it goes lower losing more money.

The end game for bitcoin is zero. I can’t see how it will do anything else in the long term, but in the shorter term there will still be chances to make money.


That has been the end game for every currency in history, the US dollar and Euro will some day be worth nothing. But for now Bitcoin remains my lottery ticket

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I’ll buy if it hits zero. Then it’ll find a way to go negative, lol.

But seriously, now would be a good time to resume or start the buy weekly strategy.

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The definition of an investment is a trade gone wrong.

HODLing is most definitely NOT the way to participate in the most volatile asset class ever. That is if you want to sleep well at night.

Well, yes, but they will be replaced by something that will be equivalent. I think Bitcoin and block chain based currencies will be gone relatively soon (decades) and replaced by something that could actually work as a method of payment on a mass scale.