Bitcoin Price Analysis - Raising the warning flag

Bitcoin price analysis for August 2019

Watch out ! We are raising the warning flag over the bitcoin and the crypto market in general. We have some new evidence suggesting a massive downside move may already be on the move. Stay tuned…

Check out this Bitcoin price analysis that we have recently published in our members area. We have decided to play it safe on the background of some bad looking bearish signs. Thses signs are coming from other leading coins such as the Etherium and Litecoin, just to name a few.

All the “bad looking bearish signs” that I could find on your video was Bitcoin price going slightly under on the weekly chart.

You do mention bearish signS, plural. What are the other bearish signs you saw on the BTC chart?

Do you liquidate ALL your crypto positions, every time Bitcoin suffers a pullback?

Definately not… Just this time :wink:

There was a very similar pullback a week ago, or so…

But kudos for spotting this one, perfect occasion to short Bitcoin.

Thanks for the warning.

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How long do you think the bear market will last?

Our bearish positioning on the Crypto market is in full swing. We anticipate a long and painful downside move that can last another year ! We see potential for the Bitcoin to sink all the way to $700. We will provide a video analytics on the technical situation of the Crypto market pretty soon. Stay tuned…

It still is BTW…

As long as price is below the daily 50ma, dont touch bitcoin.

Or… Better yet… Wait for our signal :wink: