Bitcoin to fall off cliff?

"This time it’s different … " - :wink:

Dennis - throw some Bollinger bands on the chart mate ! :wink:

[Edit and perhaps Parabolic SAR ! :slight_smile: ]

Price action and the people running the price up care nothing about Bollinger bands or any other kind of oversold/overbought indicator. I used Bollinger bands, stochastics, RSI you name it, and I would lose money. It is when I cleared my charts of indicators and traded on Price Action that I said good bye to the 90% who lose and joined the 10% of winners.

Now back to what is going on in Bitcoin, will it go higher, yes, will there be pullbacks, yes.

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Price action is quite prejudiced, its like explaining physics laws with philosophic thoughts - getting explanations which are not applicable in daily tasks. Most of price action is as good as technical analysis - explains all but in aposteriori

What?, Price action is Technical analysis, it is the purest form of Technical analysis, All indicators are just math equations based on price action

a little pullback after topping $7,600, I will take it. Look for another surge prior to the Nov 16th fork

Yes I know about retracements - How far do you think it will go ?

I’d appreciate a little more nfo about “the fork” :slight_smile:

On the “Going Offshore …” thread, Hyperscalper posted a link you might be interested in –

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Litecoin up breaks out of 3-week consolidation with a 15% one day move. I am not seeing any news on why

Litecoin spike do to South Korea, full story at link below

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Thank you @Clint :sunglasses:

down day for Bitcoin but Ether and Litecoin are at 3 week highs

I think Bitcoin will go more up, maybe soon it will cross 8k. What is your analysis? It will go up or will down soon??

Big selloff this week after big buy move, strong support at $5,000 don’t know if we get that low but I will be a buyer if we do

I can’t tell from the picture - is that an engulfing candle or not ?

Yes it is, and it should chase some of the scared money out of Bitcoin.

Another all-time high for Bitcoin as money comes out of Bitcoin Cash and back into Bitcoin. Crypto Market cap holding steady at $225 Billion

Bitcoin is not falling any cliff, it is getting closer to the 8,000 leve. There it may have a profit taking pullback like it always does, but the trend is still bullish.

I can’t tell you when, but I absolutely guarantee it WILL ! _