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Hello everyone,

I am looking for some explanation and experience. I was scrolling trough forums and I found a topic about the promotions that some brokers offer. At the first glance it seems cool, I mean one of them double your initial deposit and etc. but also I heard people saying all of these promotions are just for advertisement and they actually have no use.

really? that sound like scam.
I would appreciate to hear from your experiences guys.

so many brokers offer deposit bonus even more than 100% , but honestly speaking most of bonuses i found as scam and practically due to restrictions these kind of bonuses cant be used.

it depends on your broker ,if you choose the wrong broker , of course you will suffer by bonus offer . so avoid scam broker and choose the right one.

I wonder how they find so much capital to offer a wide range of traders big amount of bonus? It’s obviously a scam.

To be honest, it is also through this forums that I realized that these bonuses are usually red flags. :open_mouth: I had a friend who was able to claim $10 sign-up bonus with his broker and he’s been trading with this broker every now and then. :open_mouth: But there are more people who have been scammed so I would stay away from these. :confused:

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Good point! Either they’re not really withdrawable or the system’s built for you to lose all your money in the end. :confused:

when you read the fine print is where you will find out. in promos they can say Whatever but fine print is where the truth is.

Not all “bonuses” are scams. Most probably are. But I think this depends on the broker. Oanda just had a “winter deal”. Up to $10K for a new account. Of course for that bonus amount you had to deposit like $50k or $100k.

But the minimum was $250. Deposit that, and in 45 days, you get $250 added to your account, as long as you meet the minimum trade volume requirement. I think for this one it was trading 35000 units.

And they’re regulated in the US.

Lots of countries actually ban brokers from offering bonuses.

If a broker offers you more than 40% bonus on your deposit, it’s a scammer.

The withdrawing factor is the main issue that mostly traders grow irritated about. Several brokers charge numerous fees while withdrawing cash.

some brokers offer more than 100% deposit bonus even 200% , i dont know how they handle it.

they handle it by almost never needing to pay out because of the small print in the terms and conditions, together with the reality that very, very few traders attracted by a “big bonus offer” are ever going to trade profitably in the long term (their market research has correctly taught them that)

there’s a more detailed explanation here:-

Yes brother. It’s true that the market is saturated with scam brokers so it’s difficult to identify the right trading broker.

The large print giveth and the small print taketh away.

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unfortunately this is right :frowning:

it might be hard to identify a perfect one (especially because different people can want slightly different things from a broker)

but it’s actually dead easy to avoid at least 99% of the disasters and accidents: all you need to do is choose a broker regulated by the FCA or ASIC - how difficult is that?! :slight_smile:

Actually, there are many brokers who offer big deposit bonuses as part of their promotion. Most of the brokers are scammed too. Consider the regulation of a broker before investing into a broker.

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I traded with a broker that offered me almost 100% bonus but I faced no issue with them actually.

Hmm, where ever I go I face with the regulation thing. But How should I know what they offer is useful actually and not just a strategy to attract clients? It’s a bit skeptical but they won’t do anything against their own profit.

Yes, you are right because I astonish how they maintain that much liquidity because they are offering large amount of money to thousands of traders.

Regulated brokers hardly offer that much deposit bonus because it’s hard to maintain liquidity for a broker if they provide 100% deposit bonus.