Books about Crypto?

Has anyone got any good recommendations on books about crypto?

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Good books on crypto are hard to find because the space moves so fast. The content in most of them quickly becomes outdated.

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Agree with Cryptopotamus. :open_mouth: The books would become obsolete quite quickly with the pace of crpto. But, maybe online courses would somehow help cause I think they regularly get updated? :smiley:

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YouTube or online courses would prob work better vs. books tbh!

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You don’t need books. All the knowledge is right at your finger tips! What do you want to learn specifically?

@milkydonuts Check out this post, It’s been continually updating since 2008. You’ll find all kinds of important info there.

bookish knowledge is not more appropriate to bring good amount of knowledge about crypto. thank you , happy learning.

Thanks everyone for the replies.

anything about crypto for beginners.

At your finger tips, shared some years ago, It focuses on technical analysis (TA). Requires a Google account. If you want more background information on a currency/token/asset, it’s easiest to just search that out specifically using Google. Youtube is great as well.

Youtube video explaining Crypto for beginners.

I will say, “crypto” as an ecosystem is growing and growing everyday. There’s so much to learn. It’s not going to be learned in a single video or two. Or a book. Or an article. Start with basics and that will get the ball rolling.

There are many books which we can read for crypto. For example Bitcoin from beginner to expert by Christian Newman, Digital gold by Nathaniel Popper etc.