Bored in the Corona phase

This corona phase had been very boring for few and interesting for some. So lets share our experience of what all we did during this time

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Yes this phase had indeed been a ‘less-active’ phase for almost everyone. I mostly spent my time researching about a new trading technique- algo trading. Did learn many new things and am thinking of venturing into algo trading now. What about others?

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Hi, conducting research, testing on new strategies, for me, nothing has changed during the pandemic. Regards Greg

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When it started it was really depressing but now I am enjoying it. :laughing: :laughing:

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I have been vary cautious, but have taken the spare time to hone my skills in other areas of trading. My biggest weakness was understanding the fundamentals and still is

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The worst time of my life! :rofl:

I am more disciplined in getting regular exercise. When possible I also take a day out each week for hiking with full kit. I am buying slightly cheaper wines for ordinary everyday consumption. I am more focused on TA and trading strategies. I am reading less but playing ARMA3 more regularly.


Are you demo trading at all?

no doubt this had been a less active phase. and lot of people including you and me have tried to spend more time to learn new strategies.

Haha Yes man. Had been a real troublesome time for everyone. I am happy that I atleast got to do something that will for sure help me after the situation becomes somewhat normal.

Studied a new strategy and spent some time with family its been really good

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whatever we have learned in this phase be the life lessons or forex lessons they all will be beneficial in the long run

I took up a free online course in blog writing and how keywords work in search engine ranking. I also spent time learning how WordPress works.

thats kinda fun thing to do…i suck in all these things. thank you for the idea though…atleast i will learn something.