Brent oil swap long change

Hi Traders. I bought brent at 27$ hoping to sell at 50 or 60 some day. the swap long was positive at 0.6 or something. . Now the swap long changed to -6… Holding on to the trade like this for months might cost me significant in rolover costs… Can anyone explain me why the swap change from positive to negative ? Thank you all.

Don’t oil positions automatically close at the end of the month or something? Never traded it, but I’m sure I read that somewhere on my broker’s terms.

No idea why the swap changes, but I can’t understand why a CFD would ever have positive swap, except for trying to bait you into trading the opposite way to which they expect it to go. And after the OPEC+ deal soon to be announced, that sounds like what it might be.

As far as I know positions only close automatically for futures, not cfd.(hope I not sound very stupid now ;-)) Positive swaps do occure on cfd’s. although small :wink: . at 27$ … guess not the opposite way. But thanks for your thoughts. Anybody else have insight on this for Brent oil ?