Broadening nf my horizons


My name’s Piers, I’m a newbie to all this. I suffered a stroke in March 2020 and spent 18 months in hospital with numerous heart and brain operations. Time I probably should have spent embarking on this learning journey sooner. I got into my first bit of trading through the GameStop phenomenon- in which I still hold an interest. Through that my attention has been brought to this community and I’m interested in developing skills here.

My most recent work has been in HigheeEducation administration, although Ihave a law degree and a mathematical brain. My “first career” was in music: working as agent, manager, promoter, tour booker, venue manager and more.

Looking forward to trying to develop some new capabilities and get a better idea of how this world operates

Thats great to hear! if you need any help or question just let me know!

Welcome. Treat FX trading as a new business venture, which will certainly test your capabilities.

Welcome Piers! :blush: Super happy to know that you’ve already recovered from your stroke and it’s good that you took your time to rest. :smiley: You can start out with the basics in the school here and like what the others have said, if you have any questions, just ask away. :smiley:

Thank you very much indeed

Still in recovery… got a mountain to climb yet. Looking forward to getting my teeth into this and will shout out if I need help. Thank you (all)!

Props for holding on and pushing through. This attitude will bring you far in this business. Wishing you a great journey in Forex.