Broker Aid Station AGAIN!


Deltastock has released the new (official) version of Delta Trading 6. I posted about this last night in the Broker Aid Station Forum but my post was deleted. I don’t understand it. We’ve had this “discussion” before and the “new rules” stated that the Broker Aid Station was to be used for the purposes of updating existing clients on events. FXCM, for example, has an “Announcements” thread but I don’t see their “Announcements” being deleted???

Anyway I’ve posted AGAIN here: 301 Moved Permanently (and removed ANYTHING that could POSSIBLY have been deemed “solicitation” or “advertising”).

Given the “new rules”: it’s important for EXISTING clients to be made aware of this release for the simple reason that support for Delta Trading 5 has ceased.

The only other possible “issue” (NOW) could be that I’ve included a link to the details of the new release on Deltastock’s website. This done because I don’t see the point of retyping every single detail here on the forums (or would you rather that I do that)???



Hey Dale,

Our mistake. Your post is fine. And if you have problems with another member’s posts, report those posts and we’ll have a look. Thanks!