Broker/Platform for USA--MacOS--GBPUSD/EURUSD--30pip--$500 account

I’m a simple person looking for a broker/platform that allows me to trade a simple breakout method easily and optimally in the USA, on Mac OS.

I also desire to do this without going through the headache of running Metatrader 4 on Mac via PlayOnMac or Parallel Windows.

I desire to trade breakouts on GBPUSD/EURUSD pairs that look something like the successful sell stop in the image attached (February 8, 2018)

Take Profit: 30 pips from entry
Stop Loss: 15 pips from entry

I intend on spending about 20 minutes a day examining the charts and setting up sell/buy stops as desired.

I desire to create a $500 account, in USA, on MacOS (its all I have)

If anyone is familiar with this method and can recommend a good broker/platform for me, as a well as a good ratio to leverage my investment, I would greatly appreciate your advice.

Thank you so much for your time.

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I am UK so Don’t know for sure any decent brokers these look OK though…

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if it’s all you have, don’t trade
i’ve seen this situation many times, it never ends well.

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@JNGH… Metatrader 4 should run on IOS, check with your Broker for a version that is compatible to run on the IOS version you have. I’ve installed on High Sierra (10.13 ).
(See example below)

Clint started a thread which is now massive (4500+ posts) suggesting a list of Brokers and reviews from around the globe that will allow US citizens to open a “full featured” account outside of the DF issue.

Maybe start toward the bottom of the thread as this obviously will be the most up to date selection of compatible Brokers for the strategy you are proposing to run.

Hope this is of help, Cheers.

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Thank you very much.

@anon81929759 I have a separate savings account that I’m not intetested in touching. If I clarify to say that $500 is what I’m willing to start live with. I’m wondering what parameters would I use to trade it. As in, what leverage and pip volume would one use to trade a $500 account.

Is it that you’re saying $500 is an inviable sum of money to trade on forex, or someine shouldn’t invest their last 5 bills on this type of market?

is it INVALUABLE… No… it has value, of course.
but… TO ME, it doesn’t go too far

but that wan’t my point
my point was this…

you were saying it’s all you have
i was saying, well… if that’s the case, don’t trade

you’re now saying that you have another account that you don’t wish to touch,
implying that it’s not all you have, which is good.
tha’ts all i was saying

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i’ve just completed the test on my end
on High Sierra
even though it’s not in the compatibility list. it still works fine
i uninstalled and reinstalled several times
i open and closed charts and then got rid of EURUSD AND GBPUSD and re added them several times

Maybe your system is in question
maybe consider doing a backup of everything and doing a clean install
it sounds like a system level thing

i didn’t have an issue
@Trendswithbenefits didn’t have an issue

maybe try updating first to the latest OSX and reinstall MT-4
failing that

i would strongly suggest an OS reinstallation CLEAN BOOT… kill it and start over.
what are your thoughts ?

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@anon81929759 @Trendswithbenefits.

Thank you so much for the time you have given helping me resolve this issue.
I downloaded the .dmg file from icmarkets and it appears to work just fine. So, I may be able to avoid the full reboot. I suppose it would be most convenient just to accept icm as my broker as well…

ok, in that case check your internet connection
do this

go to finder
open terminal
type ping
and press enter
let it run for a few minutes and see if the connection drops out at all

if it drops out, it means that it’s likely that it dropped out while you were downloading and you got a corrupted download

if it’s not dropping out then it means that its possible that you got a bad copy to begin with for whatever reason

now. what you just did is good, but it doesn’t necessarily mean you can avoid the reinstall, but FOR NOW… YES… YOU CAN AVOID IT
but i wouldn’t rule out the computer just yet, but go with it and see how you go.
be cool

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