Broker that offers interest on cash balance

Currently, I am with FXCM. Support has been great and execution is great. They have also improved their online interface, some more improvements could be done. But very happy.

Generally, I keep about 1/2 of my money as “cash reserve”. This is used when I feel a good trade is coming. More of a hobby for me. Ideally, always looking to keep 50% cash reserve.

Is there a broker that pays interest on money that is in the account? Not rolling interest when a currency pair is purchased - - rather simple interest (like a bank account?)?

STIFX forex trading, forex trading education, forex brokerage, forex mini account, online forex trading, managed forex trading, best forex broker - they pay interest for the money in account.
Oanda OANDA, The Currency Site: Foreign Exchange Services and Trading - they pay also interest

Oanda for sure does.

There is someone in another thread saying Oanda’s interest rate is no match for 's. I suggest you check them first before going for Oanda, if highest interest payment is the chase ( well, I am!:smiley: )

PS: to see which one im referring to, search for Carry Trade in Rate my broker and go to the one with trusting broker (thats what it sounds like) and there is a user called tropical viking just on the first page around the first few from the top