Broker with Cashback?

I’m not sure if this allow here if not then Mode please remove my post.

Anyway I’m new to trade currency but love to learn and want to find the way to make the best of it.
My background is poker player with rakeback and sport bettor with reduce juice account.

I think there’s some broker site will offer some cashback % on the spread that we paid them on each trade.
Anyone know which site offer some solid cashback or reward program so at least we’ll get something back everymonth.

I know we all here want to beat the market and win with any solid system, but think about it if we together help out and find some solution to get some cashback or reward program it’ll help us big time to build ours bankroll.

EX: From my poker background, I used to play alot of pokerstar and get SuperNova VIP which each month I got back around $2500 (around 32% rakeback) back just from the VIP level I got.
This year I decide to cut down my playtime from poker so I’ll not able to keep up with my VIP level and I’ll not able to get that much money back.
I switch to Fulltilt Poker with 27% rakeback program which I got back about $1000 permonth on 2hrs playing per day.
Those $ just extra that I got from the site.

Now let bringback to Forex here is we can get some great deal from cashback/reward it’ll help us to at least get some $ everymonth. If that month we do good then that only get better.
If that month we do bad then those cashback/ reward $ will reduce our lost.

Sorry for my English I hope this thread will get more info that will help newbie like me and some other.


SO far this is what I found please feedback.

Monthly Cash Rebate: .6 pip rebate per round turn lot traded

Like FXCM Micro?

Monthly Cash Rebates: Typical rebates range from .2-1.5 pips and higher on exotic pairs. Click here for rates on each pair.

MB Trading:
Monthly Cash Rebate: 24% of any commissions charged by MB Trading Futures