Brokers and faster withdraws

Heya guys!

After seeing a couple of questions regarding slow withdraws and even brokers that uphold your money with no clear reasoning I was wondering: What brokers do you think have the quickest withdraw times? How long do you think its okay to wait for your money?

My firm always send me an acknowledgement email that says it can take 3-5 working days for money to be transferred to me from my account. I think this is far too long but it has never failed and has caused me any issues.

They are required by the regulator to send money only to the same account from which they have received funds as a precaution against money-laundering. If the original bank account or credit card account has closed in the meantime this can mean a delay but that would not be the broker’s fault.

generally i have faced to withdrawal problem so many times when using bonus offer.

I was talking on the other thread about this. It looks like waiting for 3 - 5 days is okay for your money. But to be honest, I have not even waited for that long.

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How long does it take for you, @Ele_Wood1??

One day maximum.
A fellow trader in the US, got his withdrawal in 4 mins. Can you imagine?

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I don’t know about the fastest but I always had smooth transactions with my broker AMP Global. They use a variety of transaction methods for withdraws and deposits.

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