Brokers and free techincal analysis

I think almost all brokers offer some sort of free technical analysis.
Does anybody here use their info? Any experiences, Good or Bad?
I have fxcm. Not sure if will use yet

I love reading the Daily FX analysis. I hate their devotion to Elliot Wave analysis unless I’m reading K Lien’s analysis and she includes the fundamentals along with the technical. The best thing I ever did for myself was to buy John J Murphy’s Technical Analysis of the Financial Markets. After I read that, its amazing to compare Murphy’s 30 odd years of experience to bloggers on FX and realize that the bloggers are completely lost in regards to basic technical signals especially in regards to trends.
So now I have a love hate relationship with the web sites who haven’t read a book like Murphy’s.
Good Luck

thanks for the info.
will look it up