Brokers in Nigeria

Can someone recommended the best broker in Nigeria for me

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I’m pretty certain a google search could help you narrow that down.

Yes it will but I believe in the info of people that have experienced it more than the generic list google will provide. Moreover this is a community strictly for the forex trader.

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Hello @fob… You can run a search on google as suggested… however on a personal note I have been impressed by FXCM and FXTM…

You may run your own due diligence on both and sign up if you like what you see (all traders choose brokers for different reasons).

Bear in mind that this is no recommendation on my end. Just a personal preference from one Babypiper to another :wink:.

PS: Which part of Naija are you from. I’m located in the southwest.


Start with friend recommendations (if you have of course). If forex is popular in your city then I guess it won’t be a problem to find a trading community which you can join and get unbiased recommendations. Many review are ratings website give incomplete and sometimes false picture about good and bad that’s why I tend to avoid using their recommendations. Personally my short list is Hotforex, Tickmill and IB I traded with them for a long time and enjoyed their service. By the way I got recommendation about them from my local trading community too.

Forexchief broker has an office in Nigeria
13th Floor Cocoa House Building, Bank Road, Dugbe, Ibadan, Nigeria. Maybe you should go over there for closure.

you can check in FPA , hope you will find the best result , good luck when choosing a broker.

I’m currently using FXTM in a demo account. I guess they are okay.

I use Forexchief broker as well. The broker has very good trading conditions and fast payment system including withdrawals. I have been trading with the platform for a while now.

Nice am from South south, please what do you think about xm trade

Hey @bizdons… do shoot me a pm of you wanna talk about that.

I think they are giving out $500 bonus now instead of $100 previous offer. Peharps OP can use this for a start and see how things work with the broker.

Yes, I are right, I got the email three days ago.

This is Awesome guys!!! Introducing ACM Brokers 50/50 package

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Any bonus comes with additional risk, because broker gives you money so you can increase your buying or selling positions what is equivalent to using more leverage. It’s good for trading news but you have to be good at trading news to get benefit from the bonus. I don’t use bonuses because my trading system is very sensitive to changes in variables especially additional risk.

I am newbie in the here and looking for both a good broker and a community of Fxtraders in Oyo state to ride with. Seriously

Hello trader

IB, TurnkeyForex and Oanda are some good choices. You will find good pricing and data analysis is good on their site. Real time price quotes and instant orders help. However if your trading capital is low you can leave IB for now and start with Oanda or turnkeyforex. Minimum balance requirement is low and there are no monthly charges as well.

Hello everyone, I’m a newcomer, so I’m not familiar with this forum yet. Will any familiar friends help me lead the way?
Because I am more familiar with foreign exchange trading and have a little skill now, I want to find a corresponding agent to discuss the market together.