Building my trading room


So I am in the process of configuring my office setup purely for trading.

I have my clocks setup for watching the timezones

but I’m curious to what monitors I should use.

Currently I’m using 1 syncmaster 19".

I’m looking for 3 wide screens that i can mount and have joined next to each other.

Does anyone know a good monitor or mount to use?


6 of 23" screens, on a 2x3 mount (coming, in the mail) driven by 2 graphics cards (1 does 4 screens, the other 2 screens).

piece of cake, really.

screens are Acer A231H, and mount is from Tyke somethingorother. 4-out card is Galaxy MDT GT610, 2-out card is an old BFG 9400GT (both are nVidia). Win7-64 Pro, etc…

The setup I am running, which I really like is

  1. 30" Monitor in the center
  2. 2 24" Monitors on each side

All monitors are Dell

Crisp fast good picture quality. I enjoy it

How fast is your computer? I’ve been wondering this keep forgetting to ask. How fast of a computer do I need? A good CPU and ram and I can skimp on the GPU and harddrive? I wouldn’t think I’d need anything top of the line. I was thinking about Mac solely for anti virus lol don’t want that hard earned trading money getting hacked lol.

I often hear that the latest computers are good enough for trading and I agree. If one is into heavy data or something similar/wants a computer for a specific purpose, then a more specialized computer is necessary.

Seems nice!

i have 6 monitors (21’’) on 2 monitor stands )))))

There’s some quite good mounts on Amazon, that you secure to the back of your desk and then you can have your monitors suspended in front of you and can move them about, i’ve seen it for 2 monitors just shy of £50… might be able to get one for 3?