Bullish market is for buy or booking profits?

I am in a confusion.

Bullish market is for buy or booking profits ?

I had some stocks purchased when market was down … now the market is up and I’m booking profits by selling my stocks.

As the market is now in bullish should I buy stocks as per my signals or wait for a market dip to buy as per my signal ?

I think that really depends on the trader and strategy. Some buy others will sell and as traders have different time frames both can earn money and lose money. I think you should trade according to your trading signals and that your strategy should account for all this.

It depends on the strategy…some would book profits while others may buy…

I agree with Rambo and Fxmall. Every trader is different which means you need to figure out what works for you and your strategy and ignore what others are doing.

When you’re long, you should try to hold onto the positions for as long as you can- i.e. the market “tells” you to get out. You should have price points in your head as to where you’re looking to add and/or book based on simple price action analysis.