C++ Programming Language Video Tutorial

Just wanted to pass this along. This is the absolute easiest C++ Programming Tutorial I have ever come across. You would have to remove your brain to not understand the language after listening to this guy. Short bite sized chunks to build upon one by one. Plus its free. I am not qualified to post links yet, so search Google for “C++ Tutorial (1) - Absolute n00b spoonfeed” on YouTube to start the series

This is Forex forum not programming forum.

Are you serious? Many people program their Forex strategies with C++ for the MT4. All of my strategies are automated.

[B]Deut. 8:18[/B] — this will amuse you —

The stupid comment directed at you in post #2 (above) is from a guy who posted this just 17 days previous.

Hypocrisy runs rampant on public forums.

What a trip Clint! :slight_smile: Maybe the Dr.'s jealousy caused Mr. Hide to surface on my thread. LOL