Calling all technical traders

Hi all,

Given my employment circumstance I currently tend to focus more on technical analysis, homing on price action, candle sticks and pattens, key S&R etc. I aim to increase my fundamental knowledge in due course.

Could anyone advise my on what pairs are suited to this style of trading?

The reason I ask is because I want to indulge into more pairs (other than eurusd & gbpusd). The yen pairs seems far too violent and my strategy when applied to the yen crosses is no where near as consistent.

Basically looking for a point in the right direction.


Stick to currency pairs that are not trading against your home currency. For example if you live in America you wouldn’t want to look for trades with any pairs that have /USD in it. Find a pair with a low spread and stick to just one chart at a time.

Yes USD pairs are less volatile. For instance, try AUD/USD, NZDUSD (if you can find tight spreads on this pair). I dont really recommend USD/CAD as its anatomy makes it very unpredictable regardless of what gurus tell you. Other than that USD/CHF is highly correlated with EUR/USD and movement is also restricted. Regarding exotics, I found EUR/AUD to be the most predictable and stable currency pair to trade.

You can try other EUR pairs. Like EUR/GBP, EUR/AUD, EUR/NZD. I had nice results with those pairs


AUDUSD, USDCAD is effective and consistent I feel.

I’d try and watch which currencies are getting attention that particular day/week. USDCAD is normally a pretty boring pair with choppy trading and unpredictable moves, but the past few weeks it’s been trending hard as sentiment drove those moves.

I’m a fan of Order Flow News for seeing if there are any big players talking about or trading certain currencies and keeping me updated on sentiment.

Also keep an eye on economic events as upcoming events are what will cause traders to make their trades now. Something like this calendar should help you look ahead and see what other major players are likely looking ahead to as well