Can a limit order move Forex market?

I know.

It’s a problem.

I don’t know the answer to it and it looks like very many experienced traders who’ve been active members in the past also didn’t.

I’m afraid I do struggle, sometimes, to be polite. :blush:

To be honest, I keep wanting to say “Do you want to learn something, or to be right? You can’t do both,” but that’s really rude.

Often we hear how that the fx market is not centralized therefore impossible to ‘move’ or influence same.

Everything is possible - bottom line is that currencies change based on orders to buy/sell

US 10yr will give an investor over 4.5% - Japanese 10yr less than 1% - wild guess where the orders lie.
Ueda didn’t say the ‘intervention’ word Friday - again where were the orders.

The BOJ often use words that in turn cause traders to use orders that in turn move the fx market.

Now suppose tomorrow were to be a Japanese holiday and suppose Japanese bankers/traders are taking a lttle lie in - what then can possible move Yen

Office of Public Affairs | Former Foreign Exchange Trader Sentenced To Prison For Price Fixing And Bid Rigging | United States Department of Justice

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This prticular Reuters piece is back a few years - the allegation related to the sharing of “sensitive client order information”

Why should the sharing of orders be of any concern to regulators if those orders have zero effect on the market I wonder.

The global FX rigging scandal | Reuters

I did say that I’m working on some theories and I’m not sure if it could be possible. My opinion is unbias and I speculate any given ideas. I don’t care if I’m right or wrong, I’m trying to understand concepts.

Well it was a bank hol in Japan & the Yen moved around 500 regardless -

Cause? - the MOF used the word ‘intervention’ same word that was omitted Friday by Ueda.

Effect? - visible on the chart - the fact that there is no ‘centralized’ exchange is meaningless in today’s tech driven market.

Orders can be triggered by price, geo political events, news numbers and words by key players - those orders will can and do move price.

As @Phonix said - cause & effect.



What a call!

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Actually it was great high probability trade. Extreme Yen depreciation often triggers response from Japanese government be it a verbal intervention or selling of reserves and market was definitely on alert, waiting for the signal during speech of their official. Perfect example of why markets may be not efficient even in highly liquid USDJPY pair, but this happens one or two times a year and definitely not every year.

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