Can anyone explain about session and pairs to trade?

I am a beginner, and i want to trade forex but i am not understanding about forex sessions and which currency pairs to in the session?

Can anyone helpmeout!

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Start by opening a demo account. Search Youtube for a simple trading strategy, and try out the simplest you can find in demo.

Come back and post here if you have any confusion over how the strategy works or how to make it work better.

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Thanks for your reply. I have a real account and i am learning from last april but this session concept is not cleared yet. If you can suggest something?

Did you go through the education section here? It would also be better to start with a demo account so that you don’t lose any money while you’re still learning.

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Forex is traded 24hrs per day from Monday morning (in Asia/Australia) to late Friday afternoon (in New York). No trading is possible after the New York banks have closed on Friday until Asian banks opens on Monday.

Volume when only the Asian markets are trading is very low and there is not much price movement. Price movement increases when the London banks begin trading each day and stays strong with lots of price movement until the New York banks close each afternoon. Many traders avoid the Asian session as there is too little action to make trading profitable.


this might also help:


I haven’t gone through. Let me check. Thanks for help

Can you suggest some pairs and when we can trade gold ?

I have visited but it looks like 30mins - 1 hrs early

The pairs formed by the most important major currencies have the lowest spreads and margin requirements so -


Note that EUR/CHF, EUR/GBP and USD/CAD are low volatility and don’t move fast, while GBP/JPY moves like a rocket, so some people never trade it.

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i suggest this one first

it’s the most widely-traded currency-pair, by volume (which is connected with why it normally has the lowest overall dealing-costs)

brokers and funding company reps who comment on the subject also usually say that their customers do much worse, with this pair, overall, than with other pairs - probably one to avoid?

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You can trade here anytime you want. It depends on the available market opportunities. You can trade in non-volatile trading pairs like EURUSD, CADJPY etc.

Go on google type in “Forex time sessions” and whatever pair you trade look up the countries time zone .

you can trade all major pairs that are comfortable than others. if you willing to trade exotic pairs , you can choose in demo not a real account at all.

at the moment i am doing scalping by EUR/USD , GBP/USD , sounds good still

Thanks, in my opinion this is a simple yet very true answer.

You’re welcome. You should definitely check it out.