Can anyone offer analysis on What's moving AUD/USD?

I’ve been looking at the AUD/USD for some time it has been mainly overbrought and yesterday to today it has dropped by almost 300pips, I looked at the economic data, this week USD mainly got bad news and nothing supports why it finally made this move. I know it is a commodity pair but if anyone can offer an analysis on what is moving this pair it would be helpful.

by the way: I did have some “play money” on the demo and sold this pair for 200 lots about 2 weeks ago. it finally moved down yesterday making me almost $5000 in a day. hehe if only this was all real :slight_smile:

Unwinding of carry trades - particuarly AUD/JPY - have put a hurt on the Aussie.

Take a look at this thread that I started today or yesterday:

And it’s REAL money!

(Hi John - also - have a look at my thread - your opinion always counts)!