Can babypips make someone professional and profitable trader

Pls can someone really become a professional by learning on babypips alone


Not because this great site is deficient in educating traders, It’s because you need to put in the hard work for months, if not years, to become competent - your initial aim and probably also your long term aim. And that means trading a live account for years and learning from making mistakes, which is the norm for everyone.

Also, entering the FX market now is fraught with reactionary sentiment relating to Covid 19 and its effect on global economies and currencies. Best of luck.


Thank you Steve for your contribution❤

Education is so important and you will get that in spades here but the second part is practice and real world experience of the markets. That will teach you the lessons that BP cannot.

I think BabyPips is more like a starting point. :blush: It can get you started towards the right direction, but I agree with what the others have said. :slight_smile: At the end of the day, whether you’ll be a profitable trader or not highly depends on you. :blush: But, I hope you get there eventually! Good luuuck! I’ll be cheering for you. :blush: