Can I open a 50 dollar account?

Hi, just wondering, is it possible to open a very small acount like 50 dollars? Which website should I use. Please help, because while I read babypips, they said that u need at least 1000dollars, but right now, I just wanna try. thanks

For this amount, u can try . They only need a min amount of 25usd to open an account and trade! but the catch is u have a 10 pips spread!.
gd luck!


You`re never going to give yourself a chance with such a small account, open one with a decent size account or a micro account, or even a demo.

Give yourself a chance to succeed in the market!!

You can open an account with $1 at Oanda but I wouldn’t trade any higher than .5 -.10 a pip unless you want to lose your money in one trade :slight_smile:



Yes, as others have stated, you can trade with very small amounts. However, before you place any money at all with a broker, I urge you to trade with a demo account, which uses real market data but not real money. That will do nicely while you read through the babypips school a few times. It will give you time to get comfortable with the forex and the interface without risking any of your hard earned cash.

The school itself strongly recommends that you demo trade for [B]at least[/B] two months before you risk any actual money. It takes time to get comfortable trading the forex [B]profitably[/B]. Give yourself that time. The market will still be there in a few months. :slight_smile:

The demo you speak of is different from the fx game at oanda right? I have no idea, so please help. And where can I get one thanks

The fx game at Oanda is a demo account that never expires :slight_smile: . You can preset it to $1000 and pretend it is real money to see how you do for two months or however long you choose.