Can I open an account with a broker if I've declared bankruptcy?

I thought I heard that forex brokers do not do credit checks and bad credit doesn’t matter.

However I was reading an application from one broker and they specifically ask if I’ve declared bankruptcy, and if so need a copy of my discharge.

If I’m in a Chapter 13 (payment plan over several years), I don’t have a discharge yet. Does this mean they will most likely reject my application?

Do they really do a background or credit check?


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they ask but they don’t check, speaking from experience. just don’t tell them you did.

here is a ridiculous experience. I tried to open a fxcm micro account $25.00 they said because of a past bankruptcy I couln’t open it. But then they said I could open a $2,000.00 regular account. go figure! I can’t handle 25 but I’m ok for 2,000 LOL

by the way, credit cards make great guitar picks when you cut them up!
excuse me now, I gotta go to Rosedale… gona take my rider by my side…

lol, I hear ya!

I’m gonna try it, I really need to get off of that little plastic demons:D