Can I switch off autoscroll in MT4?

When I scroll backwards and forwards in MT4, the chart automatically changes the range - fits the chart to the window.

I would like the chart to stay within the same range because when it changes, it also changes the size of the MACD bars etc.

Is it possible to switch off this autoscroll ?

under the chart menu, you’ll find the autoscroll button


1.) Right click the chart.

2.) Go down to properties.

3.) Top two tabs that come up - go to common.

4.) untick chart auto scroll.

Hope this helps.


Thanks for that.

I dont mean the sideways auto scroll.

If Im looking at a particular chart, and the price ranges from 1.20 to 1.30, the chart will best fit the graph according to the price range.

When I move along to another part of the chart, if the price range is greater or lesser, the chart is crammed or expanded accordingly.

Can I turn that off so that MT4 always uses the same scale ?

Right click the chart
select properties
select the common tab, there’s a fix scale option where you can specify the min and max values for y axis scaling

you can generally apply fixed scaling for indicators too in their properties

On the chart properties menu, in tghe ‘common’ tab,play with the 'Scale Fix" settings.

Jot down the default ones first in case you make a mess of things:D

Thanks, thats done it.