Can I trade forex part time?

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I have wondered that if i can trade Forex part time after work ,you see I work from 9 am to 6 pm,I have heard it can be done either by getting a managed account service,trade signals etc,but i wanna trade myself if it is possible and I do have experience trading from before,I seek help on the matter?

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Indeed you can, its exactly what i do, you won’t be daytrading, You will need to look at the longer timeframes and base decisions on that.

go through the school and once you’ve done that i think you will be able to come up with a system to trade, be it support and resistance or something indicator based.


The joy of forex is that it can take as much time as you want, or as little time as you want. And whichever course you take, there’s a trading system out there to accomodate.

I’m in your situation. I work a fulltime job and yet wanted to get involved with forex. Initially I was discouraged because I was trying to daytrade. I’ve moved to a daily chart and all the worries went away. I sit down once a day and it takes me about 15-20 minutes for me to take care of business.

Best of luck in your ventures.

Part-time, full-time, whenever you get the time. It’s all possible with Forex.

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Thanx everybody for your support:D:D:D:D,i will go through the school and the threads.I know that i need to take it easily and slowly for now,then start trading.

Okay for me how do you built your own trade system. I am so confused I know enough but everytime I keep trading I keep losing money.

mastergunner - care to say which strategy you use, I would be interested. d.

If you’re confused and are losing money, you don’t know enough.

Practice and study up more my friend.

I primary use Parabolic SAR as an indicator with MACD to filter out whipsaw.

Pretty much James 45 pip a day system, expect applied on various pairs on a daily chart.

I trade forex part-time, sometimes every day, sometimes several times a week.

I am trading forex part time - I use a system called Avonko that places the trades for me, usually the trades happen overnight (by US time) so I don’t even really do anything except watch my balance rise.

I’m trying to learn more about it though and maybe even demo test a few of my own system creations.

From what I’ve learned, since forex is so liquid and trades all the time, you can include it in your life in whatever capacity you can afford time-wise.

Earlier on when I first got into it I read that you need to do it full time but that’s nonsense IMO, just trade longer time frames, which IMO are better. From my experience you’re more likely to get burned playing really short time frames and scalping, atleast if you’re a beginner. :slight_smile:

Right, that’s why as a part time trader I leave most of my trading to proven systems. I don’t particularly want to risk money knowing that I’m ill equipped to make well thought out decisions!

Absolutely, you can trade part time. You can do your analysis, set your profit target and stop loss and simply let the market do it’s thing.

Forex trading is a very versatile type of making and earning money via the Internet. You can do it full-time and even part-time. Your decision would actually depends on how would you like to do it. You can also trade at the comfort of your home or during your free time at the office and work.

Hello to the Original Poster… I agree with the other replies… It can be done… Do not give up!
Good luck from one who trades around a (non-trading) full-time job, and trying to fit it into time spent with his girlfriend (not a small, unimportant part of one’s life)!

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I prefer to trade Forex full time and i want to be in touch with forex 24 hours a day. I know that if i will trade part time then it will be difficult to maintain tempo in Forex.

This is OBVIOUSLY NOT a sales pitch


Of course you can trade part-time. There are a lot of people out there who trade part-time. That said, you’ll have to figure out a strategy that would allow you to do this - either by basing your trading decisions on signals on the longer time-frames, or by scalping, I suppose.