Can someone answer pls?

i am new to forex and am reading babypips. com. i have gone through COT section (commitment of traders report) but i didnt get a clue what it was about. does this report give future predictions, mean who is gonna sell or buy in the future market and if yes how this report knows who is gonna buy or sell in the market because there are millions traders around the world. there was also an example in that section about COT report telling contracts of 125000 swiss francs commitments. then it says long,short,commercial, non commercial, i didnt understand that example ??? then also how to use the report section, i didnt understand that as well??

can somebody explain in simple english what it is about. i am really stuck and didnt understand this section.

thx much for reading my thread and answering.

If you are new to forex, this report is going to be difficult for you to understand. It is not a report that predicts the future but rather tells you the net position of traders in the market, ie net long or net short - you can analyse the report but as a newbie, you should focus on TA and basic FA before even getting into the COT report.

I’ve been using the CoT heavily lately because it provides something that price itself does not offer: volume.

Investopedia can explain it better than I can…

Forecast The FX Market With The COT Report